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borehole site surveying


Borehole Site Surveying

Borehole Site Surveying refers to the process of selecting the most suitable drilling location with the best possibility of striking underground water. There are several geophysical methods that can be used to detect groundwater and most of them have significant limitations and cannot determine the approximate yield or sufficiently accurate depth.

Viable suggests, and provides geophysical surveys using The Resistivity Method, Electro-Magnetic Telluric measurement method and tried and tested traditional methods. We have the ability to survey rock formations to depths of 300m below ground level. Although survey does not gaurantee water, our highly successful, exhausting and professional survey team have been yielding near 100% results. The accuracy of a surveyor is in the methods he uses. By using a combination of scientific and traditional methods, our surveying team has been one of the most sought surveyors in the country.

Viable also provides additional desktop analysis to consult all available geological, topographical and geohydrological maps for the area, including aerial photos to identify potential groundwater bearing structures that can be targeted during the ground geophysical survey. On request of the client, an intensive desktop study of the entire property, with focus on the desired location, can be done. The output will be in the form of four digital maps, including a conclusive Survey Report that will be produced and handed over to the client in digital (electronic) format.

All recommendations will be given and expressed in good faith based on the observed rock lithology, geohydrology, geology, geophysical, topographic and soil factors of the property in relation to the area.

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